How You Can Fight Media Corruption

If you personally are seeking to act out against media corruption then you will be extremely pleased to hear that yes, there is an awful lot that you can do to make a difference – and a fairly big one at that too. Most of the time if you don’t try to be a big player, then you will fail to ever become a big player – it’s absolutely crucial that you take action now and try your best to make a difference, wherever you are in the world.

For those of us that live in the United Kingdom, it is far easier than others given the fact that we have relatively good levels of freedom of speech. The media, while it does hold a huge wedge of control over the people and even the government too, we can still say what we want, where we want and ultimately can protest against the current system too.

I think that one thing that people are scared of is being alone out there, attempting to make a change by yourself is a fairly terrifying concept. However, I think that it’s important that people do make that first step into the light and try to make a difference. If none of these people existed in the world, it would be a very different place from the paradise (I’m talking hypothetically here) that it is today. Well, for us in the United Kingdom, despite the strong media presence, it is a paradise. In some of the darkened corners of the world this is not true, not in the slightest. In these countries the media loves control and relentlessly acts against governments and people utilizing propaganda as its main tool. This single tool is extremely powerful and can be used to mobilize entire countries against a particular movement – think the Nazis here.

It is essential that the people learn to recognize the difference between typical journalism and journalism that has been highly influenced by people either in power, or whom have a lot of money – these, as you will all know already, tend to come hand in hand. One thing that I need to get across to you before you all go is that protests are the key in us leaving this abyss. Without protests, nothing will get out there to the more hollow minded among us, we need it to pass our message on. The media and their corruptive ways have a massive head start upon us but with numbers we can mass. Together, in protest, the message will get out and the large media corporations will eventually, inevitably fall. I feel that within the next 10 years we are going to take massive leaps and bounds on these corrupt organisations and I think that within 20 they will be completely dissolved, particularly in the United Kingdom where people are already beginning to wake up from this nightmare. Please let me know what you think about this blog post and I will get back to you all in the comments section below.

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