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PS4 and Xbox One Hacks

Various reports of corruption in console gaming competitions have also arose recently, such as those reports by earlier on this week.¬†Essentially, in many of the world’s biggest console LAN tournaments we have seen many PS4 jailbreak and Xbox One Jailbreak – while many thinks that this only enables console gamers to download free games, this is not the case. Gamers are now using these methods to cheat by scrapping the respective console’s original firmware (OFW) and replacing it with some custom firmware (CFW) that can be used to download cheats from the internet and then implement them directly into the game. These cheats may be subtle wall hacks, aim bots, speed hacks or a wide selection of different versions too. This is something that has solely arose in 2016 as we have never heard reports of this before, and while none from this year remain verified – we believe that this is the case. Various hacking teams have used this publicity to showcase their capabilities with the idea that a professional team could use a custom built hack – win a large FIFA or COD tournament and then transfer the programmer a large proportion of money. Not such a bad business venture at all, but it is one that we here at media initiative would like to see shutdown – as with all corruption, whether it is in the real world or not.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Further developments must be made at LAN tournaments to ensure that this does not become overly prevalent in the scene, if it does then we risk it completely capitulating under the stress of this corruption. As you’re now all starting to see, corruption genuinely is found at every single level of the world and all of its wonderful facets. It seeps into the cracks and there it flourishes until it turns into a huge weed that needs eradicating. We’ve had a total of 24 different reports from people claiming that there was jailbreak based hacking occurring at their tournament and we’ve only managed to just about investigate 5 of them. This is clearly just the tip of the iceberg, as we usually find out with all leaks of corruption, it runs far deeper than what originally meets the eye. This is something that people are going to have to get together around to prevent PS4 and Xbox based LAN competitions from being massively tainted like PC gaming faced back in the early days. This is completely new territory for all of us obviously, but we need to take steps in the right direction urgently in order to mitigate any of the larger risks that our gaming community faces. PS4 jailbreak and Xbox One jailbreak are dangerous and particularly because more and more people are learning how to jailbreak on a daily basis too. Free PSN Code Generators are another issue that Sony are currently trying to tackle for the PS4, however we will mention that in our subsequent posts.

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