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Scrap Metal Records

Records – Receipt of Metal

You must record the following information on receipt of any scrap metal:

• the description of the metal, including its type (or types if mixed), form, condition, weight and any marks identifying previous owners or other distinguishing features

• the date and time of its receipt

• if the metal is delivered in or on a vehicle, the registration mark (within the meaning of section 23 of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994) of the vehicle

• if the metal is received from a person, the full name and address of that person

• if the dealer pays for the metal, the full name of the person who makes the payment acting for the dealer. If the dealer receives the metal from a person rather than a company, the dealer must keep a copy of any document which the dealer uses to verify the name or address of that person. If the dealer pays for the metal by cheque, the dealer must keep a copy of the cheque. If the dealer pays for the metal by electronic transfer, the dealer must:

• keep the receipt identifying the transfer, or

• the particulars identifying the transfer, if no receipt was obtained. Records – Disposal of Metal You must record the following information on disposal of any scrap metal: For these purposes metal is disposed of – whether or not it is in the same form in which it is received; whether or not it is to another person, whether or not it is despatched from a site. Site Licence Holders –

• the description of the metal, including its type (or types if mixed), form and weight;

• the date and time of its disposal

• if the disposal is to another person , the full name and address of that person

• If the dealer receives payment for the metal (by way of sale or exchange) the price or consideration received. Collectors Licence Holders –

• Date and time of disposal

• if the disposal is to another person , the full name and address of that person

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Boost your profit with a scrap metal recycling process

Today, the cost of living is rapidly increasing on a daily basis so people look for the ways to boost their income. One of the easiest ways to earn money is scrap metal recycle that helps to keep your eyes open and aware of many things. By doing this recycling process, you can increase your income at a higher level and live a better and hassle free life. The recycling metal is not only helpful for boosting your income, but also helps to save your environment. Before you start recycle, first of all you should know Where to recycle scrap metal and how to earn cash from it. – particularly by effectively utilising scrap copper prices.

In these days, selling a scrap metal is one of the profitable ventures but it requires you need to know more about the recycling process that includes,

  • The first thing is that where you can collect the scrap metals.
  • Once you decide to recycle the scrap, you should stay alert and always keep your eyes open.
  • Collecting the scrap metal is quite a time consuming process, because you need to search for a wide variety of scrap metals such as bar, steel rods, cans, old washing machines, car parts and so on.
  • You can also search on so many websites to pick the right useless metal pieces for free and then recycle them.
  • Before you begin the process, you can talk to the neighbors directly and inform that you collect the metal scrap. It will be easy for you to have a lot of materials.
  • You can also familiar with the lots of car repair shops, plumbers and electricians. These are all excellent resources for collecting the metal scrap.

Effective money making tips for scrap metal

When you begin the metal scrap recycle, there are some useful money making tips available such as,

  • You should regularly go to the apartment complexes to collect a lot of metal scraps.
  • When you collect scrap, you should remember to cut the power cords off of electronics and appliances.
  • The brass can also give you good money. You can find brass commonly in these items such as drawer handles, door knobs, ceiling fans and beds.
  • Make sure to contact the local recycling center and pay them your visit. You should get details of Where to recycle scrap metal, what they take and how they take it as well as get their price list too for various metal scraps.


How to get paid to recycle scrap metal?

In recent days, there are so many communities offer recycle. There are several different types of recycling metals available such as glass, aluminum, plastic, cardboard and paper and so on. In addition to, the metals like brass, copper and steel are also better form of metal scraps and make a big profit out of these materials daily. However, the recycle scrap metal chances are extremely high in these days and also allow you to sell them for cash.